An Impression of Ochre Starts 19th June
Ends 30th June
Tuesday 19 June - Saturday 30 June, 10am to 4.30pm

Picture of An Impression of Ochre

Exhibition of fine art prints and textiles selected from the Ochre Print Studio members` Summer Show, demonstrating the variety of printmaking offered at the studio and the talents of our members. 

Ochre print Studio is an open access print studio welcoming and encouraging artists and printmakers of all abilities to engage in the creative processes of traditional printmaking and contemporary technology.


Exhibition:Saints, Dragons & Other Creatures Starts 3rd July
Ends 14th July
Tuesday 3 July – Saturday 14 July, 10am to 4.30pm

Picture of Exhibition:Saints, Dragons & Other Creatures

A joint exhibition between Louise Grundy Artist in Residence and the students of St Josephs Specialist School and College, Cranleigh. 

Louise is a local artist who makes sculptural heads, based on family history and historic photographs, using Paper Mache. The exhibition combines Louise’s personal work and her collaborations with the students. They explore themes such as saints, dragons and other creatures.